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(ˈɛʃ ər, ˈɛs xər)
M(aurits) C(ornelis), 1898–1972, Dutch artist.
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Rather than taking his familiar path to an F-35C Lightning II emblazoned with the scythe-wielding grim reaper of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 101, today, Escher will beat his chest and fly with the 58th's "Mighty Gorillas.
Escher wrote cheerily of the resting figures he had dotted here and there, 'no doubt sooner or later they will be brought to see the error of their nonconformity.
Over the past year the lab has continued work on both robots, learning from several design flaws that arose during SAFFiR's testing to build ESCHER the DRC.
Escher will work with Gatesheadbased business support publishers Cobweb Information which will curate the content for the hub, while e Roundhouse, a Newcastle-based design and digital consultancy, will design the hub's interface.
Pero hay aun otra aclaracion a realizar antes de plantear lo que creo que podemos aprender de y con Escher respecto de como pensar y graficar el camino hacia otros compromisos epistemologicos y ontologicos.
ABANA, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in providing technology and service solutions to leading enterprises, has joined forces with Escher, a world-leading provider of outsourced point-of-sale software to the postal industry, in a project to modernize Saudi Arabia's Post Office (Saudi Post).
Through these funds we are also targeting social services and environmental protection, but, generally speaking, all spheres must be improved for more democracy" Escher pointed out in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).
Escher said that it will provide RiposteEssential licences, training and support services to TelcoNet.
Escher Pop-Ups is an outstanding collection for pop-up art collectors in general and fans of M.
The visible results as well as the approach place any comparison with Caris closer to Escher than to Mondrian.
A PUBLIC lecture at the University of Warwick is to shed some light on the mathematical secrets behind the work of Dutch artist Escher.
For which type of work was Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher renowned?