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 (ĕs-kô-fyā′), Auguste 1846-1935.
French chef of grand hotels, such as the Savoy and Carlton in London. He wrote several cookery books, including Le Guide culinaire (1903).


(French ɛskɔfje)
(Biography) (Georges) Auguste (oɡyst). 1846–1935, French chef at the Savoy Hotel, London (1890–99)


(ɛs kɔˈfyeɪ)

Georges Auguste, 1846–1935, French chef and author of cookbooks.
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It's a classic pudding, created by the great French chef Escoffier to honour the great Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba.
Aside from being a top dining choice, Lemuria Restaurant & Wine Bar, being co- founded by Insititut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, is also committed to developing young culinary talents as an application restaurant for CCA Manila.
* Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, an accredited provider of online and campus-based culinary training and education based in Schaumburg, has appointed Steve Georgis as chief technology officer for Escoffier and Triumph Higher Education Group.
For Glyndebourne, those treats will coine in the form of a Flute set in the world of early 20th-century culinary arts, with famed chef Escoffier among the many influences.
He said that the list was inspired by 'Epicurean Dinners' introduced in 1912 by legendry chef Auguste Escoffier, using the same menu on the same day in several cities across the world with a large number of invited guests.
On the one hand, we have adventurous fusion devotees go to town pairing Korean BBQ with Peruvian pork rolls, while the devoutest of French chefs spend their whole careers perfecting Escoffier's five French Mother Sauces.
Contract notice: securing the auguste escoffier high school in cagnes-sur-mer (06)
But perhaps the most ingenious was the claim that, after the Napoleonic Wars, redundant soldiers who had served in France joined local constabularies and adopted the name "escoffier" - someone able and ready to "cook your goose" - taken from the name of Auguste Escoffier, the famous French chef and restaurateur.
Participeront a cette manifestation, l'Ambassadeur de Tunisie en France et des personnalites tunisiennes et de l'univers gastronomique francais representant notamment l'Academie Culinaire de France, l'Association des cuisiniers de France, l'Association des Maitres cuisiniers de France, les disciples Escoffier international, les disciples Escoffier Grand Lyon ainsi que l'international club Les Toques Blanches.
It was inspired by another event in 1912, when the legendary chef Auguste Escoffier organized an 'Epicurean Dinner,' which served the same menu on the same day in several cities.
On Sunday, some of Phnom Penh's top chefs were initiated into the newly formed Cambodian chapter of the international culinary association Disciples d'Escoffier - in a ceremony that included sashes with miniature copper saucepans, the handing out of diplomas and a little lighthearted paddling.