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Anaerobic culture yielded irregular, grey, non-hemolytic, molar tooth colonies of Gram-positive bacilli, negative for catalase, urease, and indole tests but positive for esculin hydrolysis test, identified as A.
genus was evaluated through isolation in a selective medium, oxidation potential, and identification by hydrolyzing esculin and hippurate.
Test Result Oxidase + Motility + Growth on MacConkey agar + Growth at 42[degrees]C + Nitrate reduction + Indole - Citrate - Arginine dihydrolase + Urea - Gelatin - Esculin -
iniae: acetoin production (Voges Proskauer) (Remel, USA), aminopeptidase leucine (LAP) (Remel, USA), arylamidase pyrrolidonyl (PYR) (Remel, USA), starch hydrolysis (Merck, Germany) and esculin hydrolysis (Neogen, Acumedia, USA).
5 % NaCl, hemolysis on blood agar, Inulin, Mannitol, and Bile esculin agar followed by semiautomatic Micro Scan system confirmation (Dade Behring Microscan, West Sacramnento CA, EEUU).
Tests for species identification included production of acetylmethylcarbinol (Voges-Proskauer), fermentation of glucose and lactose (Kligler), gas production from glucose, acid production from arabinose, lysine decarboxylase, ornithine decarboxylase, arginine dihydrolase and esculin hydrolase.
These isolates also showed positive indole production, glucose aicidification, arginine dihydrolase, esculin hydrolysis, gelatin hydrolysis, 4-nitrophenyl-ssD-galactopyranoside, Glucose assimilation, arabinose assimilation, mannose assimilation, mannitol assimilation, N-acetyl- glucoseamine, maltose glucoseamine, gluconate glucoseamine, caprate glucoseamine, adipate glucoseamine, malate glucoseamine and cytochrome oxidase.
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