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(ɛˌskjʊərɪˈɑːl; ɛˈskjʊərɪəl)
(Placename) a variant of Escorial


(ɛˈskɔr i əl, -ˈskoʊr-)

a building in central Spain, 27 miles (43 km) NW of Madrid, containing a monastery, palace, church, and mausoleum of the Spanish sovereigns: erected 1563–84.
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For it is strange to see, now in Europe, such huge buildings as the Vatican and Escurial and some others be, and yet scarce a very fair room in them.
No house, though it were the Tuileries or the Escurial, is good for anything without a master.
1733 Spain and France sign the Treaty of Escurial and form an alliance against England.
Luego, por no volver por las Navas y el Escurial, que es desesperado camino, dimos Alvaro Lopez y yo en venir por Segovia, donde truchas y Sanchez nos hicieron detener hasta acabar El mayor imposible, que asi se llama una comedia que le escribi, si no lo fue el poderlo hacer con la mayor cantidad de pulgas que desde las plagas de Egipto ha visto el mundo.
Il a appris a botter la balle dans les rues du village Escurial (60 km au nord de Madrid) avant de debarquer au club catalan.
When we went out beyond the Escurial, He stuck himself upon my sword and died Like a dragonfly upon a pin--but still He was proud and bold, and stern of spirit ...
Du Rex a l'Escurial, en passant par le Vox, Casino et autres Royal...