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 (ĕs′drā-ē′lŏn, -drə-, ĕz′-), Plain of
A fertile plain of northern Israel extending from the coastal lowlands near Mount Carmel to the Jordan River valley.


(Placename) a plain in N Israel, east of Mount Carmel. Also called: Plain of Jezreel


(ˌɛs dreɪˈi lɒn, -drə-, ˌɛz-)

a plain in N Israel, extending from the Mediterranean near Mt. Carmel to the Jordan River: scene of ancient battles. Also called Plain of Jezreel.
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Tabor stands solitary and alone, a giant sentinel above the Plain of Esdraelon.
Down at the foot of Tabor, and just at the edge of the storied Plain of Esdraelon, is the insignificant village of Deburieh, where Deborah, prophetess of Israel, lived.
This attack took place at the northwestern edge of the Esdraelon Plain.
However, with the evidence for the historicity of Judges 4, the site of Tell-'Amr, at the southern edge of the Esdraelon plain near the mouth of the pass into the plain of Acre, remains the most probable location of Sisera's town.
Many of Sargent's landscapes were painted for their own sake, and highlights of the volume include Tat O's two masterpieces The Mountains of Moab and The Plains of Esdraelon, painted on his tour of Jordan and Syria in 1905-06.
Two new plans of division were suggested: one of them stipulated the inclusion of Galilee under mandate and it also presented a Jewish state dimensionally reduced as that of Peel Commission, while the second plan went on the same idea of diminishing the territory of the future Jewish state to the territory between the coast region Zikhron Yaaqov and Rehovoth, while the North of Palestine and the field region between Esdraelon and Jezreel together with the semi-arid regions from the South of Palestine were to be placed under another mandate.
The DMC would be positioned immediately behind XXI Corps, exploiting the breakthrough and passing into the Plain of Esdraelon.