Eskimo curlew

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Es′kimo cur′lew

a New World curlew, Numenius borealis, that breeds in N North America: possibly extinct.
[1805–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.Eskimo curlew - New World curlew that breeds in northern North AmericaEskimo curlew - New World curlew that breeds in northern North America
curlew - large migratory shorebirds of the sandpiper family; closely related to woodcocks but having a down-curved bill
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The team is confident that three Brazilian birds--including the Spix's Macaw, which was made famous by the Disney film Rio--are gone for good in the wild, along with the Javan lapwing, Eskimo curlew, and New Caledonian lorikeet.
Consider the Eskimo Curlew (Numenius borealis), one of the book's numerous avian victims ("Not rich in plumage, but high in flavor," he wrote in a 1792 poem).
Two - slender-billed curlew from Siberia and eskimo curlew from Arctic Canada - have gone extinct in the last 50 years.