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a household slave


(ˈɛz ni, -nɛ)

(in Anglo-Saxon England) a member of the lowest class; laborer.
[before 950; < Old English; c. Old High German asni, Goth asneis day laborer, harvester, akin to asans harvest]
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El Deir village in Esna city suffers poverty, high rates of unemployment, limited access to healthcare, and poor housing conditions attributed to rapid population growth, inadequate infrastructure, and the lack of opportunities for economic independence.
According to Novaria, the ESNA brand will immediately expand to include complementary aerospace products such as tight tolerance bushings, mechanical standards, fluid fittings, machined products, and other internally threaded fasteners.
Esna Bhatti, Product Manager Flutter, Zong said: "We are grateful to RTA, Al-Abrar Associates and the Government of Punjab in turning the Tabeer project into a reality.
Esna Bhatti, Product Manager Flutter, ZonG, said: "Since ZonG Flutter is all about females, the project was a natural fit with the values that ZonG Flutter stands for.
Frans is op 16 November 1967 met Esna Baard op Malmesbury getroud en 2 dogters, Maryke en Hanlie, is uit die huwelik gebore.
Accompagne du gouverneur de Louxor, le ministre devrait egalement inaugurer le nouveau pont de [beaucoup moins que]Kalabeya[beaucoup plus grand que] qui relie entre la nouvelle cite de Thebes et Louxor pour un cout de 5 millions de LE, en plus de l'ouverture du musee de l'irrigation a Esna, qui documente et enregistre les anciens moyens d'irrigation dans les regions de la Haute-Egypte.
Since nobody got punished, people went as far as stopping trains or closing the Esna Barrages to get a pay rise or temporary work.
Died suddenly at York Hospital on 4th August, Jack, a loving husband to Esna and father to Jennifer and Janice, fatherinlaw to Michael and Peter, grandfather to David, Anna, Alex and Joe.
Teus de Zwart, IEC SG3 Dutch member and chairman of the ESNA Working group on Smart Grid Standards
Freundlich serves the aerospace and industrial markets with quality products manufactured by Alcoa, Maclean Esna, SPS Technologies, Abbott Interfast, Bristol, Greer, MRL and other Government approved QPL (Quality Products Listing) suppliers.
FVC, a VAD in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has signed a partnership agreement with Esna Technologies (Esnatech), a provider of cloud-based unified communications, to deliver cloud-enabled unified communications to enterprises across MENA, the companies announced today.
Esna Salman, Manager Coordination NBP Wind Power Project Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and Ms.