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a household slave


(ˈɛz ni, -nɛ)

(in Anglo-Saxon England) a member of the lowest class; laborer.
[before 950; < Old English; c. Old High German asni, Goth asneis day laborer, harvester, akin to asans harvest]
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Then to the ditch where the way Esne delves, then of down to the top of the dike, then of down to the brook to Tid's ford.
This lot includes both morphologically simple lexical categories such as beorn, carl, haele, maga, waepned, esne, as well as a substantial number of morphologically complex categories, such as waepnedmann, woruldman, carlmann, folcagende, folcbearn, folcwer, freomann, gum mann, gumrinc and others.
Indra, the leading Spanish multinational consulting and technology firm and one of the main players in Europe and Latin America, and ESNE, a university centre specialised in design, innovation and technology, have signed a partnership agreement to promote the adoption of the latest information and communication technologies in training curriculums and to help young creators being trained at the centre learn about them.
St Osburg's pupils (from left) Esne Parsons, Aron Boateng, Emily Hollingsworth, Erfan Zafarini and Rose Oxley with head teacher Tracey McGeever.
Gif him arlice esne penao, se pe agan sceal on pam siofate, hy gesunde aet ham findao witode him wiste ond blisse, cnosles unrim, care, gif se esne his hlaforde hyreo yfle, frean on fore.