a.1.(Anat.) Esophageal.
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All cell lines are of human origin and include U373 (ECACC code 89081403) and T98G (ATTC code CRL1690) glioblastoma, LoVo (DSMZ code ACC 350) colon cancer, a549 (DSMZ code ACC 465) prostate cancer, OE21 (ECACC code 96062201) esophagal cancer and SKMEL-28 (ACCT code HTB-72) melanoma cell lines.
Marquette of Reedsport, who died April 1 of esophagal cancer.
Documentation of their health history revealed that they suffered more frequently from recurring illness such as ear infection, asthma, esophagal reflux, etc.
The endoscope--a device developed some 50 years ago primarily for the observation of stomach- related conditions--has been upgraded for the evaluation of esophagal, intestinal, abdominal, and breast conditions.
They can endure the extreme cold of Alaskan winters partly because of a specially adapted seed-storage system: While feeding, they stockpile some seeds in an esophagal pouch, or crop, a feature shared with other finches.
Cigar smokers also face higher death rates from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and are particularly at risk from laryngeal, oral and esophagal cancers (death rates equal those of cigarette smokers, according to the American Cancer Society).
It's also comforting to know that the types of cancers that are linked to nitrosamines are either declining (stomach) or uncommon esophagal) in the United States.