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n.1.(Surg.) The operation of making an incision into the esophagus, for the purpose of removing any foreign substance that obstructs the passage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Shumova-Simanovskaya worked on a variety of topics unrelated to psychology: chemical distributions in, and effects on, the body, Grave's disease, the synthesis of salicylic acid and a "grainy pepsin." It was her surgical expertise that devised the esophagotomy surgery to measure saliva which led to Pavlov's Nobel Prize.
Most common method of treatment for esophageal obstruction is esophagotomy (Vishwanatha et al., 2012, Manjunatha et al., 2013 and Marzok et al., 2015).
We present a unique case of foreign body ingestion in which endoscopic retrieval was attempted but aborted in favor of cervical esophagotomy in order to prevent perforation or mediastinitis and provide a brief review of the literature regarding foreign body removal from the upper GI tract.
The patient was taken for right thoracotomy, esophagotomy, and removal of the foreign body with primary esophageal closure with intercostal muscle flap.
Another method for laparoscopic anvil insertion is to use an anvil attached with a thread through a small esophagotomy at the anterior wall of the esophagus.
Decker, and P Schemmer, "Cervical esophagotomy for foreign body extraction--case report and comprehensive review of the literature," Annals of Medicine and Surgery, vol.
Attempts at removal via rigid esophagoscopy were unsuccessful, but the denture was successfully removed via a cervical esophagotomy. A Gastrograffin swallow performed 1 week postsurgically showed no extravasation of the contrast medium, and subsequent follow-ups were unremarkable.
Placement of gastrostomy or esophagotomy tubes may be warranted if nutrient requirements remain unmet using less invasive measures.
A comparison was made between standing versus right lateral recumbence esophagotomy adopted for mid and distal cervical choke.
Cervical esophagotomy was performed in six animals, as the object was immovable even after passing stomach tube.
An esophagotomy is indicated, if object is embedded within the cervical esophagus and if conservative treatment fails (Marzok et al., 2015).
Due to severe respiratory distress, it was decided to perform esophagotomy without any delay.