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This hermeneutic was not Heschel's unique contribution, of course, as the author notes in calling attention to his citation of "key works of the Jewish esoterical tradition, including the sixteenth century kabbalistic work, Pardes Rimmonim, of Moses b.
Newton, who was a good friend of Desaguliers, the well-known founding father of modern Freemasonry, studied and wrote extensively upon the Temple of Solomon, (45) the rational interpretation of the Scriptures, alchemy and the other esoterical questions.
However, that does not mean we have any less of a responsibility to capture their interest in what to them might seem esoterical things such as the nature of mathematics.
Likewise, Pallone respects when his economy professors assure him that a corporation is perfectly legal and legitimate--but he still must weigh the esoterical. "We are in Maine.