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Depuis son ouverture, au debut du mois sacre du Ramadan, la librairie connait une bonne affluence des amoureux de la lecture et des livres, qui ont trouve en cet espace de quoi etancher leur soif en ouvrages dans differents domaines.
"Our plan is to turnover PS9 million this year and PS10m next year; doubling our figure of PS5m in 2017," explained Lichfield-based Espace's managing director Tony Shally.
Aimed at boosting office and employee proA[degrees] ductivity across organisations in the Middle East, Huawei recently unveiled its latest nextA[degrees]generation fullA[degrees]HD video phone, the eSpace 8950 with plans to offer the flagship device for Middle East enterprises.
"Drawing is the foundation of all art and the basis of all disciplines," says Renu Modi, Director, Gallery Espace. "It was the legendary M.F Husain who introduced me to the finer nuances of drawings and the intimate, small format nature of this genre has remained a personal favourite with me ever since." Gallery Espace held a show on Drawings as far back as 1994 and it's only natural that its 25th anniversary show should celebrate the genre with greater aplomb.
Renault believes that the SUV-like looks of the Espace will enhance its prospects, according to Reuters.
Both the five- and sevenseat versions feature ingenious interior design The new Renault Espace will make its world premiere on Thursday October 2, but there are no plans for the New Espace to be sold in right hand drive markets.
Le congres inclura en outre un espace d'exposition de stands qui sera situe en face des lieux des conferences comme lieu de rencontre pour les Professionnels, individus ou groupe d'industries, et un espace d'echanges entre les differents acteurs du Genie civil et des Materiaux de construction, Industriels et Universitaires, Ingenieurs et Chercheurs, Centres de Recherche et Laboratoires, et Constructeurs et Fournisseurs.
"Through the application of the new converged Huawei eSpace client that brings four unique features onto a single platform, we look forward to helping local businesses reduce their office costs, streamline communication processes, and empower their employees whether in the office or on-the-go."
A few days later the dark suits and ties were donned and the Espace slotted seamlessly into the funeral cortege to complete a triangular run of church to crem to family home.