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 (ĕt′rōg, -rəg, ĕt-rôg′)
n. pl. et·rogs also et·ro·gim (ĕt-rə-gēm′)
1. A western Asian tree (Citrus medica var. etrog) having white flowers and sour yellow fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, used ceremonially in the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

[Aramaic and Mishnaic Hebrew 'etrōg, from Middle Persian wādrang, citron; akin to Sankrit māṭuluṅgam, from a source akin to Tamil mātaḷai, mātuḷai and Malayalam mātalam.]
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No shofar, no fasting, no succah, lulaf or esrog, no mazoh, maror or cheroses--but flowers, lovely flowers, sweet flowers.
David Wiseman, the owner of Zaide Reuven's Esrog Farm, a Dallas-based distributor of the four species, has been buying etrogs from Kirkpatrick for 13 years.
In addition to cake and drinks in the sukkah, people will also be able to recite the blessings on the lulav and esrog.