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 (ĕt′rōg, -rəg, ĕt-rôg′)
n. pl. et·rogs also et·ro·gim (ĕt-rə-gēm′)
1. A western Asian tree (Citrus medica var. etrog) having white flowers and sour yellow fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, used ceremonially in the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

[Aramaic and Mishnaic Hebrew 'etrōg, from Middle Persian wādrang, citron; akin to Sankrit māṭuluṅgam, from a source akin to Tamil mātaḷai, mātuḷai and Malayalam mātalam.]
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"No shofar, no fasting, no succah, lulaf or esrog, no mazoh, maror or cheroses--but flowers, lovely flowers, sweet flowers." (18)
David Wiseman, the owner of Zaide Reuven's Esrog Farm, a Dallas-based distributor of the four species, has been buying etrogs from Kirkpatrick for 13 years.