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 (ĕs′ēn′, ĭ-sēn′)
A member of an ascetic Jewish sect that existed in ancient Palestine from the second century bc to the second century ad.

[Latin Essēnī, the Essenes, from Greek Essēnoi, from Aramaic ḥasên, pl. of ḥasē, righteous, holy; see ḫśy in Semitic roots.]

Es·se′ni·an (ĕ-sē′nē-ən), Es·sen′ic (ĕ-sĕn′ĭk) adj.
Es·se′nism n.
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Boccaccini presents the Enochic/Essene hypothesis: what ancient historians called Essenism encompassed not only the Qumran community, but also what modern scholars have identified, on the basis of extant documents, as "Enochic" Judaism.
to use Christian and Rabbinic evidence for Essenism, and Qumran for Christianity.
The polemical interest of John's Gospel against the Baptist may not relate entirely to later periods in the development of Johannine tradition, rather than its earliest social context.(21) It has been suggested that the Fourth Gospel's dualistic, Essene mind-set may have derived from the early association of those who transmitted its tradition with the Baptist; early in John we indeed see disciples of the Baptist passing into the following of Jesus.(22) However, although aspects of the Baptist's ministry often suggest to scholars a link with Essenism,(23) no evidence demands an association between the Baptist and Qumran, and the openness of the Baptist's mission may suggest that a close connection is unlikely.