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Thursday's networking reception will give you the opportunity to mix and mingle with speakers and your advanced estate planning colleagues.
Zipse, Vice President, Advanced Markets for The Prudential Insurance Company of America s Individual Life Insurance business (Prudential), is one of only seven estate planning professionals to receive this prestigious award in 2014, which is given annually in recognition of outstanding lifetime achievement and contributions to the practice and profession of estate planning within the professional disciplines of accounting, insurance and financial planning, legal services, trust services, and academia.
Now is the perfect time to put your estate planning house in order.
Enlisting the services of an experienced estate planning lawyer will simplify the entire structure planning process.
Echoing similar sentiments, her husband, James, says hearing about families torn apart over property after a loved one passes away inspired him to join his wife in estate planning.
check] Remain an integral and proactive part of the estate planning team.
The documents are prepared by estate planning attorneys who have agreed to complete the documents at a set member price.
Generally, the larger is the estate, the higher up the estate planning hierarchy the client will be.
The following is a noncomprehensive list of critical transactions and life events that are ideal occasions for attorneys and other advisors to keep in mind as estate planning opportunities for those clients with whom they share close and confidential relationships.
Survivorship, or "last-to-die" policies, are well suited to estate planning because they insure both spouses and pay a death benefit only after both die.
Dever has presented numerous executive briefings in the areas of estate planning and is admitted to practice in NJ, NY, CT, VA and the District of Columbia.
Estate Planning Is About More Than Death & Taxes

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