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(ɛˈstoʊ ni ən)

1. a member of the Finnic people of Estonia.
2. the Finnic language of the Estonians, closely related to Finnish.
3. of or pertaining to Estonia, the Estonians, or their language.
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Noun1.Esthonian - the official language of EstoniaEsthonian - the official language of Estonia; belongs to the Baltic-Finnic family of languages
Baltic-Finnic - a group of Finnic languages including Finnish and Estonian
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The raw material for the extract originated from Esthonian veneer industry, the birches belong to Betula pendula Roth, Betula pubescens Ehrh.
8 mln euros from the sale of a 71% stake in its Esthonian subsidiary, Marfin Pank Eesti AS.
After all, the porphyrins are very stable compounds that have been found in "much older Esthonian fire shales" [7, 19].