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(French etjɛn) or


(Biography) a family of French printers, scholars, and dealers in books, including Henri (ɑ̃ri), ?1460–1520, who founded the printing business in Paris, his son Robert (rɔbɛr), 1503–59, and his grandson Henri, 1528–98


(ɛsˈtyɛn) also Étienne,

a family of French printers, book dealers, and scholars, including Henri, died 1520; his son, Robert, 1503?–59; Henri (son of Robert), 1531?–98.
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37) Henri Estienne, Thesaurus xiii-xiv; the form exantlandus or exanclandus in either of its spellings is uncommon, and its use here perhaps echoes its use in Robert Estienne's preface.
Student Catriona, 24, kept the placenta in her freezer after son Estienne was born.
The son of Guillaume Chrestien, an eminent physician and writer on physiology, he became a pupil of Henri Estienne, the Hellenist, at an early age.
Sidney's links with ~Stephanus' (Henri Estienne, AD 1528-98) are well attested (the scholar-printer dedicated his Greek New Testament to
He received a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Besancon and later graduated from the renowned type workshop at the Ecole Estienne in Paris.
Introduction a la lecture de Seneque is a modern bilingual edition and translation of Ad Senecae lectionem proodopoeia, a Latin treatise written and published by the French humanist Henri Estienne in 1586.
In Geneva in 1586, Henri Estienne published his Ad Senecae lectionem Proodopoeia.
He examines the evolution of the indented paragraph, provides an insightful discussion of the Aldine Poliphilus of 1499 and its influence, nominates an Estienne as winner of the "Best Designed Book" of 1512 (despite the facetiousness of the concept, he demonstrates how Henri Estienne moved the French book away from the medieval to the modern), and compares the construction of half a dozen Estienne volumes.
The contrast of the poetry of Nicole Estienne and of Anne de Marquets in Chapter 4 is both novel and effective.
The satirical target for Estienne is the Italianized language of the court, while Etiemble focuses on the more recent threat from English, or more precisely, Anglo-American.
At 15 she married Estienne de Castel, who became court secretary.
In Europe and Japan colleges teaching InDesign include: Les Gobelins Ecole de l'Image (France), Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (France), Estienne Ecole Superieure des Arts et Industries Graphiques (France), Fachhochschule Munchen (Germany), Gutenbergschule Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Glasgow School of Art & Design (United Kingdom), Lycee Professionnel Industrie Graphique Gutenberg (France), Nippon Designer Gakuin (Japan), Remark Learning (Japan), Royal College of Art (United Kingdom), Tama Art University (Japan) and Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (Germany).