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A country of north-central Europe west of Russia, bordering on the Baltic Sea. Settled before the 1st century ad, it was held successively between the 13th and 18th centuries by the Danes, German Livonian Knights, Swedes, and Russians. Estonia became an independent republic in 1918 but was annexed by the USSR in 1940. Occupied by Germany in 1941, it reverted to Soviet control in 1944 and was known as the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. Full independence was gained in 1991. Tallinn is the capital and the largest city.
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(ɛˈstəʊnɪə) or formerly


(Placename) a republic in NE Europe, on the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic: low-lying with many lakes and forests, it includes numerous islands in the Baltic Sea. It was under Scandinavian and Teutonic rule from the 13th century to 1721, when it passed to Russia: it was an independent republic from 1920 to 1940, when it was annexed by the Soviet Union; became independent in 1991 and joined the EU in 2004. Official language: Estonian. Religion: believers are mostly Christian. Currency: euro. Capital: Tallinn. Pop: 1 266 375 (2013 est). Area: 45 227 sq km (17 462 sq miles)
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(ɛˈstoʊ ni ə, ɛˈstoʊn yə)

a republic in N Europe, on the Baltic, S of the Gulf of Finland: an independent republic 1918–40; annexed by the Soviet Union 1940; regained independence 1991. 1,408,523; 17,413 sq. mi. (45,100 sq. km). Cap.: Tallinn.
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Noun1.Estonia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic SeaEstonia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
capital of Estonia, Tallin, Tallinn - a port city on the Gulf of Finland that is the capital and largest city of Estonia
Tartu - a city of southeastern Estonia that was a member of the Hanseatic League
Livonia - a region on the Baltic that is divided between northern Estonia and southern Latvia
Europe - the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe' to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles
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Estonianước Estonia


[eˈstəʊnɪə] NEstonia f
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[ɛˈstəʊniə] nEstonie f
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nEstland nt
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Esthonia [ɛˈstəʊnɪə] nEstonia
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إسْتونيا Estonsko Estland Estland Εσθονία Estonia Viro Estonie Estonija Estonia エストニア 에스토니아 Estland Estland Estonia Estónia, Estônia Эстония Estland ประเทศเอสโตเนีย Estonya nước Estonia 爱沙尼亚
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While 24 February 2018 officially marks 100 years of the Republic of Estonia, the centenary celebrations had already begun in April, 2017, 100 years since the incorporation of Estonian settlements, and will continue through to 2 February 2020 - a century since the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty.
Estonia lies in what Russia considers its 'near abroad' and there is a substantial Russian-speaking minority living in the country.
Egypt mainly imports wood and wood products, cardboard and paper pulp; and exports paper and fruits to Estonia.
Here's their record against Baltic teams: 1993: Scotland 3, Estonia 1 McClair, Nevin 2) 1997: Scotland 2, Estonia 0 Boyd, Meet og) 1997: Scotland 2, Latvia 0 Gallacher, Durie) 1998: Scotland 3, Estonia 2 (Dodds 2, Simsin og) 1999: Scotland 3, Lithuania 0 (Hutchison, McSwegan, Cameron) 2001: Scotland 2, Latvia 1 (Freedman, Weir) 2003: Scotland 1, Lithuania 0 (Fletcher) 2007: Scotland 3, Lithuania 1 (Boyd, McManus, McFadden) 2011: Scotland 1, Lithuania 0 (Naismith) 2013: Scotland 1, Estonia 0 (Mulgrew)
In 2015, passenger car dominated the overall automobile fleet in Estonia, followed by commercial vehicle segment.
The three men, who range in age from 21 to 42, were accused of giving Russian security services information on Estonia's security service, defense and border guard movements.
Since 1991, Estonia has undergone a tremendous transformation.
It is reported that in 2014 Estonia produced 11,900 tons of beef, which is 400 tonnes less than in 2012.
"The EU Presidency is a challenge for new member states such as Bulgaria and Estonia and together we must do our utmost to prepare the state administration for it," Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov said at a meeting in Estonia's capital Tallinn with his Estonian counterpart Urmas Paet on Friday, as cited by the press service of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.
"I am confident that we are going to promote the present and establish new business links between the Republic of Macedonia and Estonia," said Economy Minister Valon Saraqini.