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Of or relating to Estonia or its people, language, or culture.
a. A native or inhabitant of Estonia.
b. A person of Estonian ancestry.
2. The Finno-Ugric language of Estonia.


(ɛˈstəʊnɪən) or


1. (Peoples) of, relating to, or characteristic of Estonia, its people, or their language
2. (Languages) of, relating to, or characteristic of Estonia, its people, or their language
3. (Placename) of, relating to, or characteristic of Estonia, its people, or their language
4. (Languages) the official language of Estonia: belongs to the Finno-Ugric family
5. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Estonia


(ɛˈstoʊ ni ən)

1. a member of the Finnic people of Estonia.
2. the Finnic language of the Estonians, closely related to Finnish.
3. of or pertaining to Estonia, the Estonians, or their language.
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Noun1.Estonian - the official language of EstoniaEstonian - the official language of Estonia; belongs to the Baltic-Finnic family of languages
Baltic-Finnic - a group of Finnic languages including Finnish and Estonian
Adj.1.Estonian - of or pertaining to Estonia or the people or culture of Estonia
virovirolainenviron kielieestiläinen
에스토니아 사람에스토니아어에스토니아의
người Estoniathuộc nước/người/tiếng Estoniatiếng Estonia


A. ADJestonio
B. N
1. (= person) → estonio/a m/f
2. (Ling) → estonio m


(= person) → Estonien(ne) m/f
(= language) → estonien m


Este m, → Estin f
(Ling) → Estnisch nt


Esthonian [ɛˈstəʊnɪən]
1. adjestone
2. n (person) → estone m/f; (language) → estone m


إستوانيّ, إسْتوني, اللغة الإستوانية Estonec, estonský, estonština ester, estisk Este, Estnisch Eσθονός, Εσθονικά, εσθονικός estonio viro, virolainen estonien Estonac, estonski estone エストニアの, エストニア人, エストニア語 에스토니아 사람, 에스토니아어, 에스토니아의 Est, Estisch estisk, estlender Estończyk, estoński, język estoński estoniano, estónio эстонец, эстонский, эстонский язык est, estnisk, estniska เกี่ยวกับเอสโตเนีย, ชาวเอสโตเนียน, ภาษาเอสโตเนียน Estonya, Estonya dili, Estonyalı người Estonia, thuộc nước/người/tiếng Estonia, tiếng Estonia 爱沙尼亚人, 爱沙尼亚的, 爱沙尼亚语
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Estonian ambassador to Egypt Sandre Soone explains the reduction in numbers of Estonian tourists quite simply: "There used to be two destinations, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, but currently there is only one".
Only on Kiev route we have for some time seen positive developments, said Jan Palmer, CEO of Estonian Air.
Because the Estonian SSR was part of the Soviet Union, nobody considered themselves as immigrants, nor Estonia as a separate country--everyone was considered as the citizens of the Soviet Union (Hallik et al.
In spite of the fact that about 30 percent of the Estonian population speak Russian, the company, which has been operating on the local market since 1890, still publishes information about its products only in Estonian.
In Kersti Luhaaar Linask's 1978 research about Estonian supplemental schools, she estimates that during the academic year 1950/51 there had been 112 pupils attending the select supplemental schools in the US that she studied.
The Russian Federal Security Service said the Estonian was detained in the Pskov region of Russia -- a claim that the Estonian security service denied.
al-Sunaidi commended the efforts made by Estonian experts in knowledge transfer and training of their Omani counterparts through one-stop station project, implemented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in coordination with the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and six other government agencies along with Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI).
The described changes mirror a substantial alteration of the policy of electing new members into the Estonian Academy of Sciences.
Our Autumn seminar took place on 29-30 September at Laane-Viru County Central Library in Rakvere, where we listened to lectures on Arvo Part's sound recordings by ECM (lecturer Immo Mihkelson from the Arvo Part Centre), on EBU and Estonian music export (lecturer Tiia Teder, Estonian National Broadcasting) and on history of Estonian pianos (lecturer Alo Poldmae, Estonian Piano Museum).
Judeh and the Estonian ministers stressed the need to continue coordination and consultations on various issues of concern to both countries.
Local media speculate that Konsa has already withdrawn himself from the Estonian squad for upcoming friendlies against Oman and the United Arab Emirates, citing personal reasons.
The Estonian Doctors Union said however that emergency care and treatment for children, pregnant women and patients with cancer would not be affected.