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(ɛˈstrɑ də)
Joseph, born 1937, president of the Philippines since 1998.
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In an apartment, small indeed, but richly furnished with decorations of an Oriental taste, Rebecca was seated on a heap of embroidered cushions, which, piled along a low platform that surrounded the chamber, served, like the estrada of the Spaniards, instead of chairs and stools.
esta a grande estrada do Solomao por elle feita, donde ha tres
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Thursday announced his intention to seek a third and final term in elections next year.
Jinggoy Estrada on Monday admitted that he is seriously considering the possibility of running in the 2019 elections.
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said experience in handling local government affairs is imperative in becoming an effective president.
The historical work of Jose Manuel Estrada (1842-1894) in Argentina in the decades of the 1860s and 1870s
Estrada by his own admission struggles to convey thoughts in English, and said he will attend classes at a local community college to improve his English.
Former Philippine president and newly proclaimed Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada (left) raises the hand of newly proclaimed Vice Mayor Isko Moreno during Estrada's proclamation as mayor-elect of Manila at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium yesterday.
Manila Former president Joseph Estrada yesterday confirmed his plans to run for mayor of Manila, a move that will pit him against a former political ally.
When you grow up in a family of 10 children," Estrada says, "sewing is not an option, rather a necessity.
MANILA: Philippine President GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO pardoned former president JOSEPH ESTRADA yesterday, setting aside his conviction and life sentence on charges of plunder.
A lawyer for former Philippine President Joseph Estrada, who has been convicted of plunder, asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Monday to grant Estrada an ''unconditional'' presidential pardon.