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(ɛˈstrɑ də)
Joseph, born 1937, president of the Philippines since 1998.
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In an apartment, small indeed, but richly furnished with decorations of an Oriental taste, Rebecca was seated on a heap of embroidered cushions, which, piled along a low platform that surrounded the chamber, served, like the estrada of the Spaniards, instead of chairs and stools.
esta a grande estrada do Solomao por elle feita, donde ha tres
5 million votes, followed by Estrada with 18 million votes.
Estrada was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence.
Estrada, 45, has limited English-speaking abilities.
Estrada, who was kicked out of office halfway through his term in 2001 was also convicted of plunder in 2007 and jailed.
If others are expecting Estrada to back off from his presidential bid, they are mistaken.
I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada," chief presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye said.
In the highest national interest, to which Estrada is always willing to subordinate his own, we appeal to Your Excellency to grant him full, free and unconditional pardon,'' Flaminiano said in the letter.
I didn't think they'd take me where I wanted to be,'' Estrada said plainly.
The Western that didn't make it to the Oscars this year was also a laconic tale about the bond between two cow-pokes, but the borders Melquiades Estrada (Julio Cedillo) and his friend Pete Perkins (Tommy Lee Jones) cross illicitly are ethnic and national, rather than sexual.
The opposition to Estrada was not because of his ethnic background.