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 (ĕs′trə-mə-do͞or′ə, ĕs′trä-mä-tho͞o′rä)
1. A historical region and former province of western Portugal surrounding Lisbon.
2. A historical region of west-central Spain bordering on Portugal. Reconquered from the Moors in the 1100s and 1200s, it was frequently a battlefield in the Spanish territorial wars with Portugal and in the Peninsular War fought between France and Great Britain (1808-1814).

Es′tre·ma·du′ran adj. & n.
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(ˌɛs trə məˈdʊər ə)

also Extremadura

a region in W Spain, formerly a province.
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It is therefore no coincidence he has established his wine business in Estremadura, Portugal's most prodigious wine region.
Their reactions to blacks in Brazil reflected experiences of a slave trade dating back to 1444, commerce, and the presence of blacks in rural and urban Portugal, especially in Lisbon, Oporto and in Estremadura. They also reflected attitudes shaped by ideas dating back to the early Christian era and the Middle Ages.
CORTELLO 2001 ESTREMADURA, Portugal Safeway, pounds 3.99 This Portuguese red shows a lovely herby, spicy nose with some ripe berry fruit.
FRANCISCO Pizarro was born around 1476 in Trujillo, Estremadura, Spain, the illegitimate son of an Army officer.
The best of the reds in the south comes from the Alentejo and Estremadura and many more of these are also finding their way to this country.
Estremadura: Setubal, Serra da Arrabida, 29SNC06, 30.10.2010, J.