estrous cycle

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estrous cycle

The recurrent set of physiological and behavioral changes that take place from one period of estrus to another.

es′trous cy`cle

a series of physiological changes in sexual and other organs in female mammals, extending from one period of heat to the next.

es·trous cycle

The series of bodily changes that occur in the female of most mammals from one period of estrus to another. The estrous cycle usually takes place during a specific period known as the breeding season, which ensures that the young are born at a time when the chance of survival is greatest. The length of the cycle varies from species to species.
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A ewe has an average 17-day estrus cycle while a goat cycle is 21 days.
Determining proportion of exfoliative vaginal cell during various stages of estrus cycle using vaginal cytology techniques in aceh cattle.
The visible amount of intrauterine fluid in the estrus cycle may refer to endometritis and may decrease sperm mobility, which may cause failure of pregnancy (Pycock and Newcombe, 1996).
It also has the benefit that if you do it in same estrus cycle you are going to breed, the cervix is easier to dilate and the mare doesn't have to be transported multiple time.
Vaginal smears and estrous cycle determination: The estrus cycle of mice was determined by microscopic cytological analysis of the predominant cell type in vaginal smears obtained daily using crystal violet staining (Sigma, CA, USA).
Second,for how long does it stay on heat and which is the best day to serve it?Sows and gilts have an average of 21 days estrus cycle.
Damsel doe is formulated to be an exact match of the urine, tarsal and natural secretions of a mature doe during the peak of her estrus cycle. The 6-ounce, finger-pump sprayer represents an excellent value compared to natural urine products.
The area under the curve (AUC) values of the plasma P4 concentration in each estrus cycle and milk production during the first 100 days postpartum were subjected to analysis of variance using the general linear models procedure [19].
In this context, the study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of initiation of Ovsynch on 6th day of estrus cycle and incorporation of additional GnRH post TAI on fertility in repeat breeder cows.
About 28 days past the initial primary rutting period, mature does that didn't conceive then will hit a second estrus cycle. In addition, some doe fawns that weren't mature enough to breed during the primary rut can come into heat for the very first time.
The different cell population across the cycle were quantified and ratios determined to show trend between the predominant and other types in each stage of the estrus cycle (Hubscher et al., 2005) (Fig.