estrous cycle

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estrous cycle

The recurrent set of physiological and behavioral changes that take place from one period of estrus to another.

es′trous cy`cle

a series of physiological changes in sexual and other organs in female mammals, extending from one period of heat to the next.

es·trous cycle

The series of bodily changes that occur in the female of most mammals from one period of estrus to another. The estrous cycle usually takes place during a specific period known as the breeding season, which ensures that the young are born at a time when the chance of survival is greatest. The length of the cycle varies from species to species.
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Damsel doe is formulated to be an exact match of the urine, tarsal and natural secretions of a mature doe during the peak of her estrus cycle.
Estrus cycle of dairy cows is between 18- 24 days with 21 days being the average.
The area under the curve (AUC) values of the plasma P4 concentration in each estrus cycle and milk production during the first 100 days postpartum were subjected to analysis of variance using the general linear models procedure [19].
Biotechnical procedures concerning the control of estrus cycle in domestic animals.
Normally, the estrus cycle in rats lasts 4-5 days (16), but in the present study a high level of progesterone concentration in LDE and HDE groups enhanced the duration of estrous cycles due to longer duration of diestrus phase and shorter duration of estrus and proestrus phases in these groups.
Each estrus cycle is about 21 days long (although it can be 18 to 24 days) and the actual heat lasts anywhere from 18 to 36 hours.
2011a, Experiments 1 and 2a) where the procedure, experimental room, and triangular-shaped pool were the same as those used in the present set of experiments, we examined the possibility that the estrus cycle of females could influence their performance.
Female dogs are usually spayed around six months of age before their first estrus cycle.