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Sir Patrick declined, either by word or g esture, to exhibit the slightest anxiety to hear a word more.
The president of the Jewish community in Rome greeted visiting Pope Benedic= t XVI with sharp words Sunday, criticizing Pope Pius XII for inaction durin= g the Holocaust, saying that his =93silence still hurts as an undelivered g= esture.
Christine Green, aged 46, said: "That's a really nice g esture.
Although she is no longer associated with her husband' scharity, following difficult and sensitive disagreements about policy and personnel matters, it will be seen by many as a warmg esture.
Young suggests that Hymns on the Great Festivals may have been Lampe's "g esture of appreciation for the friendship and support of John and Charles Wesley and other Methodists whom Mrs.
In traditional Arab fashion he was making a reciprocal esture of good will.
The OED provides the following example: "The word meant is estures, bad spelling of estres; and eftures is a ghost-word.