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 (ĕth′əl-bûrt′) 552?-616.
Anglo-Saxon king who ruled all of Britain south of the Humber, was converted to Christianity by Saint Augustine (597), and codified English law (604).


(ˈɛθəlˌbɜːt) or


(Biography) Saint. ?552–616 ad, king of Kent (560–616): converted to Christianity by St Augustine; issued the earliest known code of English laws. Feast day: Feb 24 or 25


(ˈɛθ əlˌbɜrt)

A.D. 552?–616, king of Kent 560–616.
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Noun1.Ethelbert - Anglo-Saxon king of Kent who was converted to Christianity by Saint AugustineEthelbert - Anglo-Saxon king of Kent who was converted to Christianity by Saint Augustine; codified English law (552-616)
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Amazingly, more often than not it succeeds, notwithstanding the odd lapse into the facetious ("This place is not like Italy," remarks a newly arrived papal emissary) and the inherent difficulty in taking seriously a character called Ethelbert.
Ethelbert Miller says his aim was to pull together a collection of poems that would make readers laugh and clap.
Commissioner Ethelbert Stewart responded by testifying in support of the Review as "one of the most important functions" of the Bureau and the American Federationist praised the mLR as an "incalculable benefit" to the people of the country because of the facts it reports.
I sent Ethelbert a copy of the "Poem About My Rights, "and he said, 'you should take your mother out of that.
NEW 27/East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, The Education Centre, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3NG.
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The cathedral held the buried bones of two saints before the tombs were destroyed during the Reformation in the 1500s - Saint Ethelbert and Saint Thomas of Hereford.
Ethelbert Miller's 2004 poetry collection leaves readers with a glimpse into the mind of a sensitive observer of human experience.
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