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 (ĕth′əl-bûrt′) 552?-616.
Anglo-Saxon king who ruled all of Britain south of the Humber, was converted to Christianity by Saint Augustine (597), and codified English law (604).


(ˈɛθəlˌbɜːt) or


(Biography) Saint. ?552–616 ad, king of Kent (560–616): converted to Christianity by St Augustine; issued the earliest known code of English laws. Feast day: Feb 24 or 25


(ˈɛθ əlˌbɜrt)

A.D. 552?–616, king of Kent 560–616.
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Noun1.Ethelbert - Anglo-Saxon king of Kent who was converted to Christianity by Saint AugustineEthelbert - Anglo-Saxon king of Kent who was converted to Christianity by Saint Augustine; codified English law (552-616)
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When Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory to Christianise England, in the time of the Romans, he was received and protected by Ethelbert, King of Kent, whose wife, daughter of Charibert, King of Paris, was a Christian, and did much for Augustine.
Okechukwu Ethelbert Amah is from Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University, KM 22 Lekki-Epe Expressway Lagos, Nigeria.
To mark the Vimy anniversary, they laid a rose at the grave of Ethelbert "Curley" Christian at Toronto's Prospect Cemetery, in honour of the remarkable sacrifice Christian made at Vimy that continues to inspire young amputees today.
Wrinkle - John Ethelbert Wrinkle, 96, of Canby, formerly of Eugene, died Aug.
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BLS Commissioner Ethelbert Stewart's March 1923 methodological piece titled "Trend of employment in the manufacturing industries in the United States, June, 1914, to December, 1921" compared four indexes of employment in manufacturing.
14 / East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, The Education Centre, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury CT1 3NG.
And so, Ethelbert, King of Kent, in the 6th century, specified, in his laws, the customary wergild, and the nature of the wrong for which its payment was to be made.
Address correspondence to the author at: Department of Renal Medicine, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Rd.
Ethelbert Miller and National Book Award winner Charles Johnson, and contains a wealth of essays and interview discussions that provides an in-depth assessment of the literary mind and approaches of Johnson.
The founders, who included Paul Nash and his brother John, Edward Wadsworth, Robert Bevan, Charles Ginner, Lucien Pissarro, Ethelbert White and Randolph Schwabe, all felt that their watercolours were not receiving a fair chance of being properly seen at mixed shows.