Ethical Culture

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Eth′ical Cul′ture

a movement founded by Felix Adler in 1876 that stresses ethical behavior independent of religious beliefs.
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Much of my career has been as a business partner driving the highest standards of governance and I look forward to sharing practical solutions to help businesses strengthen their ethical culture."
To strengthen governance structures, Clause 12 (c) has been added, which requires the Board to implement best corporate governance practices that promote ethical culture in the Board, while Nominations, HR and Remuneration, and Risk Management Committees have been introduced through Clause 12 (h).
WHEN business leaders talk about competitive advantages, building and maintaining an ethical culture must be part of the agenda.
Melissa Hodgman, associate director of the SEC's Enforcement Division said: "The sanctions will protect our markets by promoting an ethical culture at KPMG.
The survey and event both highlighted that companies do place emphasis on an ethical culture and there is a need for greater employee engagement on the topic of ethics to do justice to the company values.
We are putting in place an online anonymous reporting mechanism to promote ethical culture and we are the process of procuring the services of an independent professional firm to effect this.
'We believe companies with a strong ethical culture should be less vulnerable to shock and more likely to thrive in the long term,' he added.
Recently, an offensive video went viral at Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx, just weeks after another video sparked outcry at Brooklyn's Poly Prep Country Day School.
Discussing this point in an interview with a DePaul University publication, Curt said recently, "In all my research, I've found that organizations with a strong ethical culture are more successful than those that have a weak organizational culture.
One of the workshop trainers, Cynthia Schoeman Managing Director of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services shared that, "when an organisation has a strong ethical culture, ethics serves as a major contributor to improved governance, better levels of compliance and reduced risk arising from breaches of ethics."
Here are a few I've found most useful in fostering a healthy ethical culture where senior managers demonstrate ethical leadership and raise the level of performance.