Ethical Culture

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Eth′ical Cul′ture

a movement founded by Felix Adler in 1876 that stresses ethical behavior independent of religious beliefs.
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After arriving in New York City in January 1882, the Odessa group of Am Olam members met with Felix Adler, founder of the Ethical Culture movement, who introduced them to the philanthropist Jacob Schiff.
Furthermore, while the Ethical Culture movement began in 1877 when their leader had a visionary and radical way of restructuring what a religious gathering is supposed to look like, the basic format remains the same today.
A celebratory pamphlet, published on the twentieth anniversary of the Society for Ethical Culture, made the point forcefully "if the Ethical Culture Movement is to be perpetuated, it must get hold of the young.
philosopher, teacher, founder of the Ethical Culture movement. Born in Germany, Alder came to America at sixteen and attended Columbia University.