a.1.Pertaining to Etna, a volcanic mountain in Sicily.
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It compares the independent process to the mechanics behind hot springs like the ones in ( Yellowstone National Park : "The Etnean volcano works in a similar way to a gigantic hot spring, with huge amounts of 'hot water' and other gases constantly rising through the lithosphere of eastern Sicily."
Moreover they represent the products of the oldest Etnean volcanic phase occurred about 500000 years ago (Branca & al., 2011; De Beni & al., 2011).
The Isole dei Ciclopi are located in the Etnean volcanic district (S.E Sicily), in front of the little village of Acitrezza (Figure 1).
(Diptera: Oestridae) among shepherds of the Etnean area (Sicily) for over 150 years," Parassitologia, vol.
The main aim of this preliminary study is to gather information about the marly clays: they are the most representative formation in the area studied because they belong to the sedimentary succession of the Etnean substratum.
He added: "However, it is very far from the explosivity of some prehistoric and historic Etnean eruptions, like those which have generated the large pyroclastic cones distributed on the lower flanks of the volcano."