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n. pl. é·touf·fées (-fā′)
A spicy Cajun stew of vegetables and seafood, especially crayfish or shrimp.

[Louisiana French, from French (à l')étouffée, stewed, alteration (influenced by étouffer, to smother) of étuvée, past participle of étuver, to stew, from Old French estuver; see stew.]
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(Cookery) a spicy Cajun stew
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Menu has peel and eat shrimp, corn on the cob, Chicken Etoufee, gumbo and bread pudding; music by Creole Stomp, 2-5 p.m.
If luck was in, a pleased smile would greet you, as if to say, "I told you so, do what I tell you and it comes right," and then, "Plus loin, plus loin," and he would sing himself the next phrase, "Liegt eine Burg, die Monsalvat genannt." How hopeless to try to get the sort of ripae ulterioris amor, very simple, very personal, but all accomplished by a definite technique: a tiny upward portamento, a half-smothered "M," a sudden piano, his marvelous voix etoufee; it was like a recipe, shake the bottle and apply the Elixir of Life.
Featured performers: The lineup (unconfirmed as of May 26) includes Joanne Broh & Friends, Sojourner, Kelly Thibodeaux & Etoufee, The Resinators and a special feature set with 2016 People's Pick, Emcee Bob
Sample the red beans and rice, crawfish etoufee, and muffuletta.
It's what earns Hot Doug's the title ''The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium.'' Things like smoked and spicy alligator sausage with crayfish etoufee mayonnaise and smoked blue cheese drizzled with honey; or apple, pear and port wine elk sausage with cherry-apricot mustard, double cream brie and pate de campagne; or even red mole turkey sausage with chipotle Dijonnaise, queso asadero and fried tortillas.
Robert Fresh Market in New Orleans offers a wide variety of Louisiana classics, like cornmeal-crusted catfish with jalapeno tartar sauce and Cajun potato salad, dressed po-boy sandwiches, muffalettas, and crawfish etoufee.
Dishes, such as Blackened Spicy Catfish, Gator Etoufee, Creole Stew Chicken, Blackened Shrimp Napoleon, Sweet Potato Beignets, and 20 gumbo variations are signature dishes at Creole.
Etoufee (A two fay)-: a Cajun stew, consisting of a roux and rice, shellfish, meat, spices and vegetables
A lifelong Southerner, Johnson fits comfortably into the swampy world of hunting and crawfish etoufee. Many essays maintain a friendly, accepting tone: Johnson refers to "our swamp"; she debates the aesthetic versus culinary appeals of her favorite po'boy joints; she explains her role in creating an unofficial but flourishing neighborhood children's library; and she relishes her adopted home.
He has actually written a recipe for shrimp etoufee, which he presents in graphical format as well as in code in Appendix A.
Preparation of a dark roux for gumbo and etoufee is probably the most complicated procedure in Cajun cuisine, involving slowly cooking fat and flour, constantly stirring for about 15-45 minutes (depending on the desired color) until the mixture has darkened and develops a nutty flavor.
Now if I use a character named Boudreaux and he's eating plate of crawfish etoufee in a restaurant, it's because I was ...