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 (yo͞o-bē′ə) also Ev·voia (ĕv′yä)
An island of central Greece in the Aegean Sea east of the mainland. It was settled by Ionian and Thracian colonists and was later controlled by Athens, Rome, Byzantium, Venice, and Turkey before becoming part of Greece in 1830.


(Placename) an island in the W Aegean Sea: the largest island after Crete of the Greek archipelago; linked with the mainland by a bridge across the Euripus channel. Capital: Chalcis. Pop: 198 130 (2001). Area: 3908 sq km (1509 sq miles). Modern Greek name: Évvoia Former English name: Negropont


(yuˈbi ə)

a Greek island in the W Aegean Sea. 188,410; 1586 sq. mi. (4110 sq. km). Cap.: Chalcis. Modern Greek, Evvoia.
Eu•boe′an, adj., n.
Eu•bo′ic (-ˈboʊ ɪk) adj.
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Stallings's "Aegean Story: Euboia, Greece," a slight but touching elegy for a fisherman's son, age twenty-three, who was washed overboard in a storm.
5) The Stelai record movable domestic objects and land in Attica, Euboia, Eretria, Thasos, Abydos, and the Troad.
In a lengthy passage, she records the views on Greek and the Greeks of Mr Noel, the wealthy landowner and host to the Stephen family on Euboia, an island off the coast of Attica:
one is the less puzzled by the question how the Persians had managed to spend so much time in reaching Euboia.
1), their next intended port of call, and the attempt to circumnavigate Euboia.
1) This statuette, formerly in the National Archaeological Museum but now lost, was excavated in the early 20th century at Oichalia, near modern Kyme, on Euboia.
A survey of the fragments of Books 21 to 24 reveals that Theopompos discusses places in the Adriatic (FF 128-32), the Athens of Peisistratos (FF 137-8), various cities in Thessaly, Thrace, Macedonia, Euboia (FF 139-42), and Olynthos in connection with a war with Derdas the Macedonian (F 143).
We would be dealing with an Aegean island or with a city on Euboia, on the coast of Thrace, or in the Hellespont region.
The Spartans at the time had a garrison at Oreos on the island of Euboia under the command of one Alketas.
7) Together they provide evidence for domestic objects and land in Attica, Euboia, Eretria, Thasos, Abydos, and the Troad.
For similar examples on the island of Euboia, see Sampson 1984-1985, esp.
Another krater fragment, of advanced LH IIIC date from Lefkandi in Euboia, shows a two-handled bowl.