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also Eu·clid·i·an  (yo͞o-klĭd′ē-ən)
Of or relating to Euclid's geometric principles.


or Eu•clid•i•an

(yuˈklɪd i ən)

of or pertaining to Euclid, or adopting his postulates.
[1650–60; < Latin Euclīdē(us) of Euclid (< Greek Eukleídeios) + -an1]
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Adj.1.euclidean - relating to geometry as developed by Euclid; "Euclidian geometry"


[juːˈklɪdɪən] ADJeuclidiano




[juːˈklɪdɪən] adjeuclideo/a
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This book introduces the method of moving frames as developed by Elie Cartan, for beginning graduate students familiar with the geometry of curves and surfaces in Euclidean space.
3) We proposed a measurement criteria of virtual machine deployment based on Euclidean distance which is multi-dimensional, involving CPU, Memory, Disk and Bandwidth.
It was influenced by an 1847 book of Euclidean geometry; the letters were formed by geometric shapes typically found in a letterpress printer's type case.
Some major results on Euclidean self-dual cyclic codes have been established in [11].
Deutsch, Use of a computer scan to prove Q([square root of (2 + [square root of (2)])]) and Q([square root of (3 + [square root of (2)])]) are Euclidean, Math.
The Euclidean BDMST Problem aims to find the minimum cost BDMST on graphs whose vertices are points in Euclidean space and whose edge weights are the Euclidean distances between the corresponding vertices.
A vector field is an assignment of a vector to each point in a subset of Euclidean space.
We wish to systematically incorporate this important idea of considering the measure and metric in tandem, in the study of questions pertaining to isoperimetric and concentration properties of convex domains in high-dimensional Euclidean space, where a-priori there is only a trivial metric (Euclidean) and trivial measure (Lebesgue).
Patterns (LBP) map and calculating a Euclidean Distance (ED) map for binary result of the LBP map.
To understand its defining characteristics in greater depth we study them in Euclidean geometry and in a particular non-Euclidean geometry system known as 'taxicab geometry'.
He attempts to place Euclidean geometry--supposedly more
The text begins with linear equations, matrices, and determinants, then moves onto Euclidean vector spaces, Rn, and general vector spaces.