Euclidean space

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Euclid′ean space′

ordinary two- or three-dimensional space.
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Noun1.Euclidean space - a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply; a metric space that is linear and finite-dimensional
metric space - a set of points such that for every pair of points there is a nonnegative real number called their distance that is symmetric and satisfies the triangle inequality
euklidovský prostor
espacio euclideoespacio euclídeoespacio euclidiano
euklidinen avaruus
euklidski prostor
euklidiskt rum
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2] < [epsilon] ([epsilon] [member of] [Real part]), where the norm is the usual Euclidean norm in [[Real part].
L p u P P is defined as the p L norm of Euclidean norm of .
k+1] with respect to the Euclidean norm regardless of the space in which the original problem Ax = b is posed.
In [1] and [2] the formulae for the determinant, eigenvalues, Euclidean norm, spectral norm and inverse of the right circulant matrices with arithmetic and geometric sequences were derived.
This paper presents a criterion under which a square matrix B, if it is sufficiently close to a positive definite matrix A in Euclidean norm, can be determined to also be positive definite.
It is a non-trivial fact that the object created as the locus of the intersection of two circles is a line, and in fact this is only true for the usual norm used, the Euclidean norm [[parallel]x, y[parallel].
A left Euclidean norm [delta] defined on a semiring R is a function [delta] : R\{0} [right arrow] N satisfying the following condition:
The main purpose of this note is to give a new sharp bound in (1) in terms of the Euclidean norm of [f.
The Euclidean norm of the estimation error vector corresponds to the performance functions (n), which is used in the RLS algorithm given by