Euclidean space

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Euclid′ean space′

ordinary two- or three-dimensional space.
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Noun1.Euclidean space - a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply; a metric space that is linear and finite-dimensional
metric space - a set of points such that for every pair of points there is a nonnegative real number called their distance that is symmetric and satisfies the triangle inequality
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euklidovský prostor
espacio euclideoespacio euclídeoespacio euclidiano
euklidinen avaruus
euklidski prostor
euklidiskt rum
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In sections on Euclidean topology, abstract topology with applications, and basic algebraic topology he covers metric topology in Euclidean space, vector fields in the plane, abstract point-set topology, surfaces, applications in graphs and knots, the fundamental group, and introduction to homology.
Then [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a neighborhood base of [theta] under Euclidean topology [T.sub.E] , and {[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a neighborhood base of [theta] under strong topology T.