Euclidian space

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(Geom.) the kind of space to which the axioms and definitions of Euclid, relative to straight lines and parallel lines, apply; - called also flat space, and homaloidal space.

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Also, it was demonstrated that Euclidian space is beneficial to equally represent all the dimensions [50].
It is a distance between two points in Euclidian space. It computes the root of square differences between co-ordinates of pair of data points.
In these approaches, a finite dimensional Euclidian space is equipped with its Lebesgue measure noted by [lambda] in any dimension.
Spin-Images and Spatial-Temporal (ST) features are used by (Liu et al., 2008) with Fiedler Embedding Euclidian Space to identify the relationship among different actions.
Consider the following singular boundary value problem of a finite system of scalar differential equations in the euclidian space E = [R.sup.n] normed by [mathematical expression not reproducible]:
The text is devoted to various aspects of multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and the basic analysis of both; and is mainly focused on manifolds in Euclidian space and the metric properties they inherit from it.
The Cartesian system uses the line's slope and the intersection with an axis in Euclidian space: