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a.1.Of or pertaining to eudemonism.
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Given that the Dalai Lama's ethics establishes a necessary connection between genuine happiness and spiritual qualities, and since spiritual actions both constitute and contribute to the agent's genuine happiness, the Dalai Lama's ethical theory seems to be closer to eudemonistic virtue ethics than to universalist perfectionist consequentialism.
In my study I give particularly attention to the model of compassion elaborated by Martha Nussbaum who in Upheavals of Thoughts, conveys the following requisites for compassion to be triggered: "the judgment of size (a serious bad event has befallen someone); the judgment of non-desert (this person did not bring the suffering on himself for herself); and the eudemonistic judgment (this person, or creature, is a significant element in my scheme of goals and projects, an end whose good is to be promoted)" (321).
Needless to say, this does not form any part of the rosy view of many university officials or library directors, most of whom yodel from their particular fence posts the latest eudemonistic cock-cry of yet another false dawn.