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Noun1.Eugene V. Debs - United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)Eugene V. Debs - United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)
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As the principal trial lawyer for the Free Speech League-the precursor of the American Civil Liberties Union-RoeAEs cases placed him cheek-to-jowl with his eraAEs leading activists, such as John Reed, Upton Sinclair, Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, and Margaret Sanger, to name a few.
One week later, Holmes dismissed the First Amendment yet again, this time upholding an Espionage Act conviction of the union leader and perennial Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene Debs, who had been arrested in 1917 after giving a mildly anti-war speech at an afternoon picnic.
When socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs could be locked up for advocating resistance to the draft during World War I.
The only year Jews did not choose the Democratic nominee was 1920 when Eugene Debs ran as the Socialist candidate, and even then, only 43 percent voted for Republican Warren G.
Ningun candidato abiertamente declarado "socialista" habia logrado generar tanto entusiasmo en Estados Unidos desde que Eugene Debs se alzara con el 6% de los votos en la eleccion presidencial de 1912.
His hero, American socialist Eugene Debs, ran repeatedly for president in the first two decades of the 20th century, hitting a peak of 6 per cent of the national vote in the four-way election of 1912.
and his intellectual kinship with socialist presidential candidates Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas and how their unthinkably wild calls for workers' rights, paid vacations and fair wages would became standard political fare.
As early as his governorship, Roosevelt promoted himself as the individual who sought a "just balance" and an alternative to more radical politicians like Eugene Debs or William Jennings Bryan (188).
Petrano who on judgement day will be standing there with John Peter Zenger, Eugene Debs, and Sir Thomas More.
Du Bois, Eugene Debs, Randolph Bourne, William Borah, and Emily Balch.
A believable mix of fictional and historical characters (labor leader Eugene Debs and activist Jane Addams make appearances) is another of the author's prime strengths.
Although some continued to use the day to promote bread-and-butter issues, and though some like the socialist Eugene Debs sought to associate it with America's revolutionary founding principles, May Day assumed an increasingly more radical and foreign, even anti-national character, particularly after it was appropriated by the Communist Party in the 1930s and its adherents hounded during the postwar Red Scare.