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Noun1.Eugene V. Debs - United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)Eugene V. Debs - United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)
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and his intellectual kinship with socialist presidential candidates Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas and how their unthinkably wild calls for workers' rights, paid vacations and fair wages would became standard political fare.
Petrano who on judgement day will be standing there with John Peter Zenger, Eugene Debs, and Sir Thomas More.
At first, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes supported decisions like the one that put Eugene Debs, the Socialist presidential candidate, in prison for speaking against the draft.
Du Bois, Eugene Debs, Randolph Bourne, William Borah, and Emily Balch.
Although some continued to use the day to promote bread-and-butter issues, and though some like the socialist Eugene Debs sought to associate it with America's revolutionary founding principles, May Day assumed an increasingly more radical and foreign, even anti-national character, particularly after it was appropriated by the Communist Party in the 1930s and its adherents hounded during the postwar Red Scare.
Among the victims of this law was the radical union leader and Socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs, who spent three years rotting in federal prison for delivering an anti-war speech.
From the Philadelphia Workingman's Party set up in 1828, to the brave efforts of Eugene Debs, to the Farmer-Labor parties of the desperate 1930s, generations of dedicated activists sought to build class-based political parties, yet none have survived to break the stranglehold of the two-party system.
Democracy's Prisoner: Eugene Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent, Ernest Freeberg, Harvard University Press, 380 pages]
The late Peter Camejo, in the fulsome tradition of Eugene Debs, was a full-spectrum fighter for justice in the political, civic, electoral and international arenas.
Warren Beatty would be the first to tell you that he's no Eugene Debs.
A memorial service will be held March 23 for Eugene Debs "Pvt.
The Good News comes in many different forms be it according to Matthew and Mark, Eugene Debs and John Sweeney, or Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.