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Noun1.Eugene O'Neill - United States playwright (1888-1953)Eugene O'Neill - United States playwright (1888-1953)
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For those who shrug and believe it was only the past that should be buried now, Eugene O'Neill writes:
American playwright Eugene O'Neill chooses one day in August 1912 to present the Tyrone family to his audience in the play Long Day's Journey into Night, which will be presented by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) as of Saturday.
I'VE always been fascinated by Eugene O'Neill, one of the giant playwrights of 20th-century America.
theatre will work with the group, including Glaspell, designer Robert Edmond Jones and playwright Eugene O'Neill.
Eugene O'Neill was often a target of New York District Attorney Joab Banton, who stated that "Desire under the Elms" was "too thoroughly bad to be purified by blue pen.
Besides, the interview gave me a chance to talk to the great Gelb about an even greater hero of mine: the playwright Eugene O'Neill.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece by Eugene O'Neill, which begins its run on January 17, stars Diana Kent, who has been in movies including Billy Elliot and Heavenly Creatures, and Doctors actor Paul Shelley.
This piece ended with some interesting details: Sullivan "was prominent socially in New London and had been a close friend of James O'Neill, father of Eugene O'Neill, the playwright, and himself the famous actor of the Monte Cristo role.
She arrived to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York in a bright polka dot number complete with see-through, flowing side panels, reports the Daily Mail.
El duelo de actrices cobra notable relevancia en la pieza de Eugene O'Neill Dias sin fin, entrando Garcia y Rodriguez al manejo atinado de un realismo psicologico que no solo deviene elocuente en su expresividad sino hondamente humano en su desentranar los motivos femeninos para amar y vivir en libertad ante una sociedad hipocrita y machista.
The movie star arrived at Southampton on the Queen Elizabeth cruise liner with his wife Oona - daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill - and their four children.
Jones * Directed by Michael Mayer * Eugene O'Neill theater, New York City (open-minded run)