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Noun1.Augustin Eugene Scribe - French playwright (1791-1861)
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Sometime in the early months of 1828, Rossini returned to the project, only this time in collaboration with Eugene Scribe, who had already branched out from vaudeville with several librettos for the Opera Comique, and had just made his debut on the Opera's stage with La muetle de Portici in February 1828.
El libreto, de Eugene Scribe, a quien debemos muchos otros realmente importantes, y de Charles-Gaspard Delestre-Poirson, nos remite a una situacion muy comun en la Edad Media: los caballeros marcharan a la guerra y las damas se quedaran enclaustradas en sus castillos o, autenticamente, en un claustro, varias de ellas con el aberrante cinturon de castidad.
The patchworked libretto for L'Africaine began life in 1837 in the hands of the then ubiquitous Eugene Scribe, who had been elected to the Academie Francaise in 1834 at the age of thirty-five.
Eugene Scribe, known to us as an opera librettist, emerges as a shrewd and industrious dramatist whose theatrical earnings made him probably the richest playwright in Europe.
Eugene Scribe, un des maitres du theatre officiel et du vaudeville, met en scene en 1824, au theatre du Gymnase-dramatique, une piece intitulee La Mansarde des Artistes qui contient en graine les composants de la Vie de Boheme.
The opera was written by Eugene Scribe, the most famous librettist in Europe at the time and a liberal Christian, and Fromental Halevy, an up-and-coming young opera composer and a Jew.
The tale is the product of Eugene Scribe, an assiduous workman who did much to define the form.