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Noun1.Euglenophyceae - coextensive with the division Euglenophyta
division Euglenophyta, Euglenophyta - free-swimming flagellate algae
Euglenaceae, family Euglenaceae - considered green algae
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Triportheus nematurus' diet was mainly composed of insects and organic matter during the drought period; of superior vegetables (leaves and roots) and Euglenophyceae algae during the filling period; and of insects, fruits and seeds and Xanthophyceae algae during the flood period.
In total, we found 204 taxa of periphytic algae, distributed in the following classes: Bacillariophyceae (67), Chlorophyceae (55), Cyanobacteria (47), Euglenophyceae (12), Zygnemaphyceae (12), Chlamydophyceae (5), Oedogoniophyceae (5) and Dinophyceae (1).
A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA, [alpha] = 0.05) was used to identify significant differences between treatments in water quality variables (temperature, DO, pH, salinity, TAN, nitrite-nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen, silicate, orthophosphate, alkalinity, and settleable solids), bacterial densities (Vibrio, THB, and TAB), production variables (final weight, SGR, survival, yield, and FCR) and phytoplankton densities (Bacillariophyceae, Cyanophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Haptophyceae, Dinophyceae, and Euglenophyceae).
Chlorophyceae BG-11 BEA 0937B Euglena cantabrica Euglenophyceae BBM (b) BEA 0666B Spirogyra sp.
6 classes of species vis-a-vis, Bacillariophyceae-Diatoms (70.4%), the Chlorophyceae-Chlorophytes (20.4%), Cyanophyceae-Blue-green algae (5.6%), Chrysophyceae (1.9%) Dinophyceae (1.1%) and Euglenophyceae (0.5%) were recorded.
Benthic microalgae from tributaries and the main channel of the river (Table 2) consisted of thirty (30) genera belonging to five groups namely; Chlorophyceae (6), Euglenophyceae (2), Xanthophyceae (1), Bacillariophyceae (19) and Cyanophyceae (2).
Generos e especies fitoplanctonicas identificados em aliquota de agua coletada na area de estudo Grupo Genero Ind ml-1 Basillariophyceae Aulacoseira spl 26 Caloneis sp 34 Trachelomonas spl 163 Chlorophyceae Asterococcus cf limneticus 34 Eutetramorus sp 1 9 Cryptophyceae Rhodomonas cf minuta 566 Cyanophyceae Microsystis sp 1090 Microsystis Sp2 94 Microsystis sp3 51 Pseudanabaena spl 86 Euglenophyceae Mallomonas Sp2 17 Zygnemaphyceae Gonatozygon pilosum 26 Sirogonium sp 9 Chlorophysease 2% Crytophyceae 10% Zygnemaphyceae 25% Bacillariophyceae 60% Cyanophyceae 2% Euglenophyceae 1% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The main phytoplankton groups recorded were Bacillariophyceae (diatoms) Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae) and Euglenophyceae (euglenophytes).
The algae were Bacillariophyceae (diatoms), 80 species; Chlorophyceae (green algae), 44 species; Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae), 21 species; Euglenophyceae (euglenin), 6 species; Pyrrophyceae (dinoflagellates), 4 species; Xanthophyceae (xanthophytes), 2 species; and Chrysophyceae (chrysophytes), 1 species.
En el sitio SM, ademas de la clase Bacillarophyceae, con 13 generos, otras como Cyanophyceae, con dos generos y Euglenophyceae, con cinco generos, fueron componentes principales en la dieta (Cuadro 2).