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 (oi′lər), Leonhard 1707-1783.
Swiss mathematician noted both for his work in analysis and algebra, including complex numbers and logarithms, and his introduction of much of the basic notation in mathematics.


(German ˈɔɪlər)
1. (Biography) Leonhard (ˈleːɔnhart). 1707–83, Swiss mathematician, noted esp for his work on the calculus of variation: considered the founder of modern mathematical analysis
2. (Biography) Ulf (Svante) von (ʊlf fɔn). 1905–83, Swedish physiologist: shared the Nobel prize (1970) for physiology or medicine with Julius Axelrod and Bernard Katz for their work on the catecholamines: son of Hans von Euler-Chelpin


(ˈɔɪ lər)

Leonhard, 1707–83, Swiss mathematician.
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Noun1.Euler - Swiss mathematician (1707-1783)Euler - Swiss mathematician (1707-1783)  
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