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 (oi′lər), Leonhard 1707-1783.
Swiss mathematician noted both for his work in analysis and algebra, including complex numbers and logarithms, and his introduction of much of the basic notation in mathematics.


(German ˈɔɪlər)
1. (Biography) Leonhard (ˈleːɔnhart). 1707–83, Swiss mathematician, noted esp for his work on the calculus of variation: considered the founder of modern mathematical analysis
2. (Biography) Ulf (Svante) von (ʊlf fɔn). 1905–83, Swedish physiologist: shared the Nobel prize (1970) for physiology or medicine with Julius Axelrod and Bernard Katz for their work on the catecholamines: son of Hans von Euler-Chelpin


(ˈɔɪ lər)

Leonhard, 1707–83, Swiss mathematician.
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Noun1.Euler - Swiss mathematician (1707-1783)Euler - Swiss mathematician (1707-1783)  
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Yet Euler's theorem is so simple it can be explained to a child.
The agreement was signed at TBI's representative office in Abu Dhabi Global Market on Wednesday in the presence of senior executives from Commerzbank and Germany's export credit insurer Euler Hermes.
To Euler the values are Graeco and the suits Latin.
The facilities are made-up of a dual tranche of around $310.4m and about 314.3m euros SERV Guaranteed Export Credit and approximately 50m euros Euler Hermes Guaranteed Export Credit.
The country was ranked as the 24th best performer globally in the index, which Euler Hermes attributed to the "impressive trade infrastructure coupled with a supportive business environment."
Before stating our main result, we first recall the local existence of strong solution to the incompressible Euler equations (1.4) and the global existence of weak solution to the NSPK system (1.5)-(1.7).
The participating banks acting as the Mandated Lead Arrangers in the BpiAE-covered facility consist of Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank wherein Standard Chartered Bank acted as the Facility Agent for BpiAE; with respect to Euler Hermes-covered facility, the Mandated Lead Arranger is Commerzbank, and Commerzbank AG also acted as the Facility Agent for Euler Hermes-covered facilities.
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Here, [??] denotes the congruence zeta function of the direct product of n - 1 copies of the multiplicative group scheme [G.sub.m] over [F.sub.p], and [gamma](p) is the p-analogue of the Euler constant (2) [gamma], which is defined by
The q-analogue of number x is defined as [[absolute value of x].sub.q] = ([q.sup.x] - 1)/(q- 1).As iswell known, the Euler polynomials are defined by the generating function to be