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Christodoulou addresses the problem of the development of shocks in the context of the Eulerian equations of the mechanics of compressible fluids.
In the finite element model of explosion simulation, the explosive charge and surrounding air are modeled with Eulerian meshes, and the structures are modeled with Lagrangian meshes.
Hydroplaning problem can be simulated by assigning different frames (Eulerian or Lagrangian) to the tire and the fluid domain.
Based on the Euler method, the 3D turbulence flow in the axial-flow pump impeller was numerically simulated by using the ANSYS-FLUENT, Eulerian multiphase flow model.
The point on RBC boundary r is characterized by the Lagrangian parameters X(s,t), and the fluid domain [OMEGA] is represented by the Eulerian coordinates x.
Carlitz, "Degenerate Stirling, Bernoulli and Eulerian numbers," Utilitas Mathematica, vol.
In the VOF method, the Eulerian volume fraction f is defined by using the fluid through the element mesh, as expressed in Equation (2).
To state this result, recall that an oriented graph is Eulerian if every vertex has an equal number of incoming and outgoing edges.
In the simulation of ocean tidal waves, Eulerian schemes are widely used, for example, Backhaus [2] and Casulli [3] used semi-implicit scheme (hereafter SI) for the solution of shallow water equations; Lv and Zhang [4] used the semi-implicit scheme to solve tide wave equations and their computational format was used to study bottom friction coefficients [5] and tidal open boundary conditions [6]; the finite volume method is also frequently used [7, 8].
This transformation converts the Eulerian point of view in (1) to the Lagrangian point of view in (3).