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Noun1.Eurafrican - a person of mixed European and African descent
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Eurafrican - relating to or coming from Europe and Africa
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Earlier this year,Cameroonian journalist Monica Nkodo ( won APO Group invitation to attend the 2019 EurAfrican Forum, one the most prestigious EU-Africa events.
He received his school education at the Siemert Coloured School (2) and apparently continued to pursue teacher's training at the Eurafrican Normal College (Lasker vii).
For these elites this client status is made more palatable and less humiliating by their belief that they are co-creating a new Eurafrican civilisation in which they are equal partners, and sometimes occupy the highest positions in the imperial order (as with Barack Obama and Meghan Markle), which is preferable to any African status in the largely unfamiliar Chinese imperial order.
Lee's discussion of the struggle to get rid of the designation 'Coloured' in favour of 'Eurafrican' or 'Euro-African', 'Indo-African' and so on is fascinating.
Although the Eurafrican project was now described in the language of reciprocity and 'true community between the peoples of Europe and Africa', some familiar imperialist ideas persisted.
Their position was further imbricated by the communal inclusion of Eurafrican Jews who, under specific conditions, could secure white status for their grandchildren.
The chapter argues for the influence of the Jerusalem Temple on the synagogue and the spatial layout of Jodensavanne and pays close attention to how women and Eurafrican Jews used the synagogue's space.
In 2006, the group took over the Allied Bank of Uganda and it will continue to expand in East Africa with the acquisition of Eurafrican Bank in Tanzania.
Furthermore, there was a degree less anxiety here about miscegenation, since the French sometimes sent their Eurafrican children to Europe for schooling.
This 'Eurafrican' zone had already been concentrated on by the Six, and they were not amenable to accommodating the British Commonwealth in the same way.
In evidence to a select committee of Parliament it proposed that the term 'coloured' in a bill be changed to 'Eurafrican'.(51) By 1928 the Bond's membership was estimated by Abdurahman at 10,000.
An example of the erasure of social distinctions is the decision of Beraha VeSalom's communal leaders to abolish all differences in burial rites between Jehidim (Sephardim classified as white) and congregantes (Eurafrican Jews or white Jews intra-married with the former).