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Noun1.Aegypius - a genus of AccipitridaeAegypius - a genus of Accipitridae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Accipitridae, family Accipitridae - hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles
Aegypius monachus, black vulture - of southern Eurasia and northern Africa
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Objectives : The Vultures back to LIFE project aims to facilitate the return of the Eurasian black vulture to Bulgaria through enhancing EU expertise, improving the conditions, limiting threats, and increasing national capacity.
You might even get lucky and shoot a critically endangered bird like this Eurasian Black Vulture. a feat that would actually impress the ladies!
2006: Breeding season range use of a Eurasian Black Vulture Aegypius monachus population in Dadia National Park and the adjacent areas, Thrace, NE Greece.--In: Houston, D.C.