Eurasian woodcock

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Noun1.Eurasian woodcock - short-legged long-billed migratory Old World woodcockEurasian woodcock - short-legged long-billed migratory Old World woodcock
woodcock - game bird of the sandpiper family that resembles a snipe
genus Scolopax, Scolopax - type of the Scolopacidae: Old World woodcocks
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Recorded birds in the park include the green-tailed sunbird , chestnut-tailed minla, dark-throated thrush , chestnut thrush, ashy wood pigeon, Eurasian woodcock, rusty-naped pitta and ashy-throated warbler.
2005: Body condition in the Eurasian woodcock wintering in the West of France: practical study for wildlife management during cold spells.
The Eurasian woodcock Scolopax rusticola (hereafter woodcock) is an interesting biological model to explore disturbance effects in so far as 1) it is a forest and game species, 2) densities are locally high in winter and 3) it is a solitary species which allows a study of disturbance effects at the individual level.
Painted snipe, Eurasian woodcock, Kittlitz's plover have been observed and even buff-breasted sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper, lesser yellowlegs and Wilson's phalarope are on the national checklist.