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A US citizen or resident of European ancestry.
1. Of or relating to Euro-Americans.
2. Of or relating to Europe and America.
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To be sure, the toxic mix of nativism, demagoguery and populist mean-spiritedness we're talking about here is today widespread throughout the Euro-American world.
In order to interrogate China's experience of Euro-American and Japanese imperialism, Reinhardt examines the steamship and steam navigation in Chinese water during the 19th and 20th centuries.
The title is derived from the Anishinabek Kitchi Gami, or "Great Water," which was the original name for Michigan before the introduction of the Euro-American population.
Athletes finished by competing in the Top End Euro-American Championships--a 26-mile road race, 7-mile time trial and 40-minute criterium--in Gainesville, Fla.
For comparative studies of poetic traditions, dealing with the challenges of addressing non-Euro-American forms of expression while coming from a Euro-American inheritance involves an active effort to denaturalize premises of universality of literary values.
Since early modern Euro-American medicine routinely killed patients, modern scholars should question statements from observers like trader James Adair, who claimed Cherokee medicine was laughably ineffective.
These certifications are valid for three years in all 163 Euro-American countries and are issued as per the latest norms of standardization.
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Euro-American Affairs Majid Takht-Ravanchi said in a press conference that the talks was held with European expert delegation led by the EU Deputy Foreign Policy Chief Helga Schmid.
At the time of Hoover's study, a Euro-American priest served as pastor and a Mexican emigre priest as associate pastor.
What it's about: Savoy uses a collection of essays to trace her African-American, Euro-American and Native American ancestry across the United States and through the country's troubled racial history.
This book poses the question, What if we view the Colorado Basin as composed of an indigenous core in the period 1540-1859, with a Euro and Euro-American periphery?
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