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Noun1.Eurobabble - the jargon of European community documents and regulations
jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject
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To outsiders, it must have sounded like famed "Eurobabble," full of obscure names and references, exaggerated politeness, and legal niceties.
The endless Eurobabble generated in the red tape jungles of Brussels and Strasbourg are not going to make any more sense if they are presented in gaelic.
The much-hyped launch of the euro on January 1 was accompanied by a lot of eurobabble, which is now being churned out by Wales in Europe in an attempt to disguise the reality, that what has been forced on millions of Europeans is an anti-democratic, monetarist experiment which has already resulted in increased job losses, the privatisation of public services, the erosion of pensions and dismally low rates of economic growth in most of the member states.