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The communism of certain western European Communist parties that advocated democratic political procedures and independence from the Soviet government.

Eu′ro·com′mu·nist adj. & n.
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A. ADJeurocomunista
B. Neurocomunista mf
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New Labour arose on the outermost Eurocommunist fringe of a Communist Party that had already dissolved itself.
(8) The 'friendly fire' between comrades that was denounced here can be ascribed to the perceived general mistrust of the Kremlin towards Italian communists, who were often regarded as unreliable allies, especially after the Eurocommunist path initiated by the PCI's general secretary Enrico Berlinguer.
Indeed, the main formation within Syriza is the offspring of the Communist Party of Greece Interior, which split from the KKE in 1968, establishing bonds with the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and adopting a Eurocommunist outlook.
It was also the context in which, in Western Europe for example, the Eurocommunist tradition revived a certain interest in the thought of Gramsci.
Carlos Nelson Coutinho's text, which in 1979 opened the discussion on the theory of "democratic socialism" in Brazil derived from the Eurocommunist view, was a turning point in the renewal of the Brazilian Communist Party.
Many high-profile French activists broke from the perceived 'Stalinism' of the French Communist party in 1965 and became Maoists, Trotskyists or so-called 'Italians' of a Eurocommunist kind.
The "Sino-Soviet Split," the alleged splits between the USSR and Romania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia, and Moscow's "break" with so-called "Eurocommunist" moderates in Western Europe were all elaborate deceptions managed by the Kremlin and its KGB strategists.
The Mexican Communist Party (PCM) evolved to become the United Socialist Party of Mexico (PSUM) and later the Mexican Socialist Party (PMS) with Eurocommunist politics.
In short order, the party also abandoned the Eurocommunist reforms it had adopted over the previous decade.
Apart from contributing to Old Labour weekly, Tribune, he has a column in The Morning Star, which reflects the views of the Communist Party of Britain (Stalinist fundamentalists), not to be confused with the Communist Party of Great Britain (Eurocommunist revisionists).
In its first electoral confrontation in 1974, it won 13.6 per cent of the vote, thereby staking out the ground as the main left opposition, having overtaken the forces of the United Left (an alliance of Eurocommunist and orthodox communist parties).