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An administrative official at the headquarters of the European Union.

Eu′ro·crat′ic adj.


(Professions) (sometimes capital) a member, esp a senior member, of the administration of the European Union


(ˈyʊər əˌkræt, ˈyɜr-)

a member of the administrative staff of the European Economic Community.
Eu`ro•crat′ic, adj.


[ˈjʊərəʊkræt] N (hum, pej) → eurócrata mf (burócrata de la UE)


[ˈjʊərəʊkræt] neurocrate mf


nEurokrat(in) m(f)


[ˈjʊərəʊˌkræt] neurocrate m/f
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MICHEL Barnier was a little known Eurocrat when he was charged with going up against Britain in Brexit talks, but the job has made him one of the most high-profile figures in Brussels.
More importantly for eurocrat nerves though: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democrats are leading in the polls, and look likely to secure a fourth term, meaning no recalibration of German policy is likely anytime soon.
The Berlaymont Building in Brussels is an architectural monolith that's somewhat cruciform in shape, has parking for 1,600 cars, easily caters to 3,000 office workers there, and even features a Nordic sauna should the European Union commissioners or any other eurocrat feel the need to relax and refresh.
Thatcher was a raucous operator, thumping the table, brandishing her handbag, and, quite frankly, scaring the wits out of her opponents, usually the flint-faced Eurocrat grandees.
The actual experience has been quite the opposite, with unaccountable, corrupt elites in Brussels constantly taking more and more money, and usurping more and more power--and then using that power and money to coerce and bribe national politicians and constituencies into providing still more power and money to the Eurocrat elites.
It's likely that even the substantive Brexit negotiations won't be between the officially appointed negotiators -- secession advocate David Davis and French eurocrat Michel Barnier -- but between Prime Minister Theresa May and Merkel.
We may soon be free of the Eurocrat parasites, but there are many homegrown ones yet to remove before we a have a truly free and fair society.
One of the great myths of our age is that the EU has brought peace to the continent, and even the most loyal Eurocrat knows it.
Varoufakis has produced some sharp, Marxist-influenced analyses of the Greek predicament, and he certainly has an intellectual formation and an understanding of the Greek-European crisis beyond that of your mainstream Eurocrat.
The dominant breed of Eurocrat exemplifies the type.