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An administrative official at the headquarters of the European Union.

Eu′ro·crat′ic adj.


(Professions) (sometimes capital) a member, esp a senior member, of the administration of the European Union


(ˈyʊər əˌkræt, ˈyɜr-)

a member of the administrative staff of the European Economic Community.
Eu`ro•crat′ic, adj.


[ˈjʊərəʊkræt] N (hum, pej) → eurócrata mf (burócrata de la UE)


[ˈjʊərəʊkræt] neurocrate mf


nEurokrat(in) m(f)


[ˈjʊərəʊˌkræt] neurocrate m/f
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FRIDAY'S correspondence contained a litany of complaints about the iniquity of Eurocrats in forcing us into a tortuous compromise over Northern Ireland.
Remember Margaret Thatcher, brandishing her handbag and indulging in what was called foghorn diplomacy, scaring the living daylights out of these Eurocrats - and usually getting her way?
WE have EU officials demanding the UK taxpayer bail out EU ministers', MEPs' and Eurocrats' pensions in Brussels to the sum of PS10bn, and quite possibly this will happen.
If the latest disclosure that the Eurocrats have known for five years that certain car firms were cheating on car emission readings it puts the EU almost on a par with FIFA for corruptness.
We must retain the right to choose our own government with all members of Parliament accountable to the electorate rather than that the Palace of Westminster should become the rubber stamp of the Eurocrats.
Already most of our laws are decreed by unelected Eurocrats. At this moment in time the UK imports more from the EU than it exports.
Mr Farage leaves himself wide open to charges of hypocrisy when he publicly condemns the low tax treatment of Eurocrats yet planned a scheme to avoid tax.
The Cypriot government is acting in collusion with the devious Eurocrats of Brussels who would rather see the citizens of southern European nations like Cyprus slip into abject poverty than admit that they were wrong all along when it came to the single currency, despite Cyprus being only the latest in a line of other nations such as the Republic Of Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal who have been brought to their knees because of this economic folly.
Holznagel claimed that the roughly 46,000 Eurocrats (who oversee the growing tyranny that the European Union inflicts upon the citizens of its 27 member states) enjoy incomes far in excess of their national equivalents.
A SQUABBLE between Eurocrats could threaten the future of Scotland's fishing industry, MSPs were warned yesterday.
"The back-stabbing, public cynicism and Parliament's impotence - being unable to right so many wrongs because we have suicidally given away so much power to Eurocrats, unelected judges and the British executive" - Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton (pictured) on what he does not miss about not being in Parliament.
The Prime Minister said the offer was "just not good enough" and hit out at eurocrats for failing to come up with a "single euro" in savings.