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A US dollar on deposit with a bank abroad, especially in Europe.


(Currencies) (sometimes capital) a US dollar as part of a European holding. See eurocurrency


(ˈyʊər əˌdɒl ər, ˈyɜr-)

a U.S. dollar deposited in or credited to a European bank.
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Noun1.Eurodollar - a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade
Eurocurrency - currency of the major financial and industrial countries held in those countries for the purpose of lending and borrowing
United States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United States


[ˈjʊərəʊˌdɒləʳ] Neurodólar m


[ˈjʊərəəʊdɒlər] neurodollar m


nEurodollar m


[ˈjʊərəʊˌdɒləʳ] neurodollaro
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Henkel has successfully placed a 600 million US dollar bond in the Eurodollar market.
1) Specifically, we use Eurodollar options prices to estimate the probability distribution of possible outcomes for future interest rates (see Appendix for details on how the distribution is constructed).
The CME trading floors are closed, though Eurodollar, one-month Eurodollar and Euribor futures will have a final settlement time of 5 a.
Pursuant to the amendment, the borrowings will bear interest until 27 September 2017 at either the eurodollar rate plus a margin ranging from 2.
This initially led to increased USD demand, which pressured metals and sent the Eurodollar back to 1.
Eurodollar futures, the world's most actively traded short-term interest-rate contract, are underestimating the pace of tightening over the next two years, according to 55 per cent of 56 economists in the June 12-16 survey.
Even though estimates of the size of the Eurodollar market exceed $5 trillion, these instruments are virtually unregulated.
The Eurodollar zone has been Asustek's major shipment destination.
NRW Bank, which is guaranteed by the German state of North Rhine Westphalia, is planning a three-year eurodollar bond, Dow Jones has reported, citing one of the banks managing the sale.
The market anticipated that the FOMC would maintain exceptionally low rates for an "extended period of time," and these expectations are clearly reflected in Eurodollar futures.
TED is an acronym for T-Bills (Treasury bills) and ED, which is the ticker symbol for the Eurodollar futures contract.