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'This route will really help the European community here in Davao because normally Europeans fly through the Middle East to the Philippines,' Milan noted.
The 5thmeeting of the Joint Readmission Committee between Sri Lanka and the European Community was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo on 11th March 2019, the Foreign Ministry said today.
Co-Diagnostics announced that its Logix Smart ZDC test technical file has been submitted for registration with the European Community, and that the in vitro diagnostic, or IVD, is expected to be available for purchase in March in markets that accept a CE mark as valid regulatory approval.
'Itong mga human rights yung mga taga-EU [European Union], yang European community, yung mga puti, idinemanda ako sa ICC kasi imbestigahin daw ako.
In her famous speech to the College of Europe in Bruges in 1988 she said: "Britain does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community. Our destiny in Europe as part of the European Community is a practical means by which Europe can ensure the future prosperity and security of its people in a world in which there are many other powerful nations and groups of nations."
In which year was the last UK referendum on remaining in the European Community? 2.
The Institutions and Dynamics of the European Community, 1973-83
At the same time, but to a significantly less problematic extent, the European Community did not translate everything produced in Yugoslavia, some of which severely criticized the Community's approach towards the Yugoslav state.
The European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA), which comprises the national shipowners' associations of the European Union organised a Board of Directors meeting on 10 October, in Copenhagen.
We have a market, many thousands of jobs are dependent upon membership of the European community, and I'm afraid that people who are against the European Union are, in the main, in the over-50 bracket.

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